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Course Summary:

Connecting with others is hard! The good news is there are specific actions we can take that make it possible, fun, and fruitful. Join us for an 18-minute interactive experience that will guide you to better understand your natural inclinations around connection and tips that will help you build powerful connections in the workplace and beyond.


  • Defining Connection
  • Discovering Our Core Connecting Choice
  • Understanding Why Connecting With Others is Challenging
  • 3 Solutions To Help You Connect With Anyone

Pricing starts at just $33 per person.

Group discounts and custom access codes (YOURCOMPANYVIP) available at your request!

Course Summary:

When inclusion work is done correctly, there is no finish line. All of us are striving to become more inclusive leaders every day. This course is the perfect place to start, continue or reimagine your journey. This 30-minute interactive experience guides you to understand how our own experiences influence our everyday decision-making and provides specific actions that you can take right now that will build a more just, inclusive, joyful, and equitable world.



  • Defining Foundational Terms: Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging
  • The Origin of Race
  • The P Word (Privilege of Course)
  • Actions That Build a More Equitable World

Pricing starts at just $33 per person.

Group discounts and custom access codes (YOURCOMPANYVIP) available at your request!


60 Mins, 90 Mins, 3 Hours or Full Day Training Experiences

At The Coaching Factory, we believe corporate training is something that should be enjoyed, not endured. Our training experiences blend storytelling, games, team work, movies, and most importantly-clear takeaways to provide a training experience that is just as FUN as it is FRUITFUL. 


“We hired Chelsea C. Hayes as the Keynote Speaker for our First Annual Multicultural Summit because I knew her presentation style & message would be a perfect fit and wow, did she kick off our summit with a bang! Your opportunity to create  an experience that exceeds expectations is determined by your decision to work with Chelsea. It was a pleasure to work with a keynote who was professional, prepared, engaging, and easy to work with throughout the entire process. Chelsea made us feel like she was on our journey with us and was there to support us. Her work continues to be the highlight of our internal conversations and she was definitely a game changer for our organization. “

– Shermika Duerson, MBA
Supplier Relationship Manager
Elanco Animal Health


Do you have a topic in mind or a themed event approaching? No problem. We create customized training experiences like clock work. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll get started in the factory!

Staff Retreat by The Coaching Factory-Chicago, IL 2020

“The vision for this off site, two-day advance was to curate an experience where the board could get to know each other so trust could be built amongst each other to harbor a space with the board to challenge each other for future tough conversations. I wanted her to create something that would promote vulnerability, acceptance and transparency. Chelsea and her team not only delivered exactly that but went above and beyond where I thought this advance could go! The feedback I received from our board of directors all echoed the same sentiments and then some! I would HIGHLY recommend The Coaching Factory to curate and moderate any leadership meetings. She is beyond extraordinary!”

Tommy Choi, Co-Founder,  Weinberg Choi Residential 

President, Board of Directors Chicago Association of Realtors 2018-2019


Business gets tricky. HR issues arise anywhere there is more than one person employed and they should be addressed expeditiously and comprehensively. Dentist Offices. Retail Stores. Fashion Houses. Law Firms. We’ve counseled companies on everything from communicating layoffs to proactively communicating about harassment in the workplace. If your company needs counsel, fill out this form and you’ll hear from us within 24 hours. In the meantime…don’t panic! 

“Chelsea is passionate, impactful, and professional—always.  The tailored HR support from The Coaching Factory has been invaluable to my production company.  If you are looking for executive support with concrete results, I would highly recommend Chelsea and The Coaching Factory!”

– Mara Brock Akil
Screenwriter, Producer
Award Winning Creator of Being Mary Jane, Girlfriends & Love Is


People who are excited about being at work produce better results. Excitement doesn’t happen through Osmosis. The companies who are winning shift focus away from strictly compliance and towards amplifying the employee experience. One way we amplify is through appreciation. We create professional, individualized gifts to make your team feel like the true stars that they are. Prices vary based on # of gifts, date of requested delivery and location. If you want in on these, fill out this form and we’ll give you a call within 24 hours to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

“Chelsea C. Hayes is a powerhouse in the world of executive coaching. Her guidance and expertise is guaranteed to take you to the next level. The Coaching Factory is a MUST experience.” 

– Traci Lynn Blackwell
Senior Creative Executive, Targeted Content at Amazon Studios


ALL IN: A VIRTUAL COURSE ON RACE & PRIVILEGE is a learning experience purchased by companies for the development of their people. ALL IN uses academic sources to teach key concepts like the history of race, allyship and code switching then creates the space for employees to share their own experiences. This virtual course is facilitated by Master Facilitators at The Coaching Factory via zoom. Employees experience the course in groups of 7 that meet once a week for 7 weeks.

Join us and go ALL IN.

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